Head Harness Neck Support Best Neck Exerciser for Lifting

Head Harness Neck Support Best Neck Exerciser for Lifting

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RIMSports neck strap is constructed with padded and adjustable straps for your head, forehead, and chin. Unlike other head harness on the market, our head strap comes with reinforced stitching, a heavy-duty chain, and not two but four large D-rings. Our unique design puts the D-rings at sides of your ears and below your chin so you can use our neck trainer in multiple ways for complex exercises.
IMPROVED COMFORT: RIMSports neck strengthener is constructed in such as way that the metal rings won’t rub against your ears during workouts. Unlike other neck weight lifting harness, it does not scrape or chaff your ears. Our exercise neck strap will also help you to strengthen and bulk up your neck. This neck flex also helps to stretch and strengthen the muscles of your spine, making it the best neck harness for weight training.
PREMIUM MATERIAL: RIMSports’ neck exercise for neck weight is made from a premium neoprene and cotton blend that holds your head harness neck and chin in place. With our strap harness, you get premier comfort and stability, while also securing your weights. Our neck workout harness has a strong fastening system and comes with a chain. You can easily load your neck exercise equipment using the chain and carabinier.
UNMATCHED QUALITY: RIMSports’ neck machine is sleek, modern and the preferred choice of neck workout equipment for both men and women. Made with moisture wicking technology, our neck harness will not absorb sweat like other neck workout belt. You will get the perfect neck workout as our neck excersizer does not falter under pressure, even when heavy weights are used, making this the best head strap for weightlifting.

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